We have added a lot of new features and improvements to the Cartograph app with the last updates. For instance, it is now possible to select between dark and light themes with custom colors. We also added support for WaterSupply.at drinking water sources and GPSies.com live tracking service. The new Cartograph live tracking and track sharing service adds simple means for sharing your location and tracks with a few clicks.

Full changelog of the recent updates:

2.2.0 (20-05-2018)
– Added option for automatic map switching.
– Added option to move track to top.
– Added option for exporting and importing the application settings (e.g. for backups).
– Added first time general settings setup wizard.
– Improved settings (opacity, track width).
– Fixed: Editing/recording track stays on top when a new track is loaded.
– Bug fixes.

2.1.9 (15-05-2018)
– Added Cartrogaph track sharing service for easy sharing of tracks.
– Added distance-based live tracking.
– Added Cartograph live tracking service.
– Added GPSies.com live tracking service.
– Added option to manually send current location to live tracking service.
– Internal live tracking bug fixes and improvements.
– Added WaterSupply.at drinking water sources (overlay).

2.1.8 (09-05-2018)
– Added light theme.
– Added accent color selection.
– Added more colors.
– Added fixed magnetic compass.

2.1.7 (08-05-2018)
– Bug fix: under some conditions it is possible to lock out from the app’s settings.

2.1.6 (05-05-2018)
– Added touch indicator to map.
– Added option to restore the default map settings.
– Added option for track/route opacity (transparency).
– Added handles for hiding top and bottom toolbars.
– Searching in most views is now persistent.

May 22nd, 2018

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