Today we released another update of the Cartograph Map 2 for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The following list summarizes the main changes:

  • Added: New “What’s here” data sources: Google Reverse Geocoding, Google Places, and Bing Locations.
  • Added: New online search data sources: Google Places and Bing Locations.
  • Added: Experimental support for offline slope overlay maps.
  • Added: Customization of map popup menu entries.
  • Added: Option for custom map popup menu url commands (supporting placeholders {lat} and {lon}).
  • Added: Option for quickly hiding/showing all overlays.
  • Added: Option for splitting the loaded route (e.g. useful for very long routes).
  • Added: New Mapsforge 0.12 curved path text feature.
  • Added: Russian translation.
  • Added option for custom coordinate projections besides WGS84.
  • Added: Tool for measuring the distance from current location/map center to map popup menu, waypoints, and bookmarks.
  • Added: Option for live measuring from a point on the map, waypoints, and bookmarks.
  • Added: Strava Heat Map to the list of built-in online overlay maps.
  • Added: Option for checking for app updates (macOS and Windows).
  • Lots of bug fixes and smaller improvements.

The app and the full change log can be downloaded here.

We have also created a Facebook page for the Cartograph app which you can find here.

May 15th, 2019

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