The Audio Frequency App has been updated. The app now supports:

  • 24 Bit high quality audio in- and output (for instance FLAC or WAV).
  • Multi-channel (more than 2 channels) audio in- and output. For instance, now you can convert 5.1 Dolby or other multi-channel audio!

You can download the app here for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows:

November 20th, 2021

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  • Hans-Peter Scholz says:

    When go from 44 hz and choose 528 Hz in the Adio Frequency App, I get 444 Hz instead of the selected 528 Hz. What is reason of that?

    Best regards

  • James says:

    Where do the new coverted files go after conversion on Android

  • Doug says:

    There’s no instructions on how to use this app especially for beginners. And after the conversion is filed with the rest of them in the folder, you can’t tell what is what. Like for instance, you convert the same song to 174Hz and 528 Hz. Which is which? And I think the player should have a loop button. Also when converting is the source frequency the frequency of the imported song? If it is, how do we know if it’s 440 or 438 or….?

    • says:

      Thanks for your message. It is difficult to determine the source frequency of a song. One way you can try is by measuring the frequency of a solo using a guitar tuner app.

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