The Cartograph Maps 2.2.4 update has been released and is available for download. Changes include:

  • Added indicator arrows to the main menus when not all items fit on the screen.
  • Added folders for grouping maps.
  • Added support for Locus XML online map provider files.
  • Added experimental support for Locus action files.
  • Added background map download (iOS, Android).
  • Added support for map packages (details:
  • Changed: The Mapsforge style layer selection dialog is shown when a style is manually loaded.
  • Changed: Maps, styles, and tracks are now automatically loaded after import.
  • Changed: Reversed routes are remembered.
  • Changed: Track folders are remembered.
  • Fixed transparent map background bug.
  • Fixed automatic selection of default Mapsforge render theme layer.
  • Fixed multiple writing of hillshading tag.
  • Fixed start position on reversed routes.
  • Fixed Android 4.1.x crash.

The full changelog is available here.

The update is available for download in the app stores.


August 11th, 2018

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