This post summarizes the Cartograph Maps updates from the past months. Changes include:

  • Added option to prevent stop of tracking when the map is touched.
  • Added Dutch and Spanish translations.
  • Added reverse geo-search (“What’s here”) option for quering what’s under the current map position.
  • Added option for showing altitude data on map (next to the coordinates).
  • Added CTRL+= (zoom in) and CTRL+R (refresh map) shortcuts.
  • Added shortcuts CTRL+, (preferences), CTRL+m (maps), CTRL+s (styles), CTRL+t (tracks), CTRL+o (overlays), CTRL+f (search POI), CTRL+l (map layer style).
  • Added option for unloading previous recorded track when recording a new track.
  • Added support for secure schemes (e.g. cartograph-maps-s://).
  • Added option for custom marker image sizing.
  • Added 3D snapshot map view which shows the current map view in 3D.
  • Added option to change the distance marker start position using the map context menu.
  • Added option to show waypoint names above the waypoint symbol.
  • Added: It is now possible to select custom waypoint icons independently of the category.
  • Added: Garmin symbols can now be used for waypoints using the category manager.
  • Added: Custom relief color files can now be added by copying color_*.txt files to the Misc (or the app’s documents) directory.
  • Added support for semi-transparent relief colors.
  • Cartograph packages (*.cpkg) can now define unique IDs for overwriting existing maps, styles, and overlays.
  • Existing online maps with the same name and folder are now overwritten when importing new online maps.

Cartograph updates are available for download on the Cartograph Maps website.

December 10th, 2018

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