GoPro Hero FAQ


  • GoPro Control: control your GoPro from all major platforms (iPhone/iPad/iPod, MacOS, Windows XP/7/8, Meego, Symbian, Blackberry, Android).
  • GoPro Wifi Browser / GoPro Explorer: Download and manage videos and images directly from your GoPro Hero camera over Wifi/WLAN from all major platforms (iPhone/iPad/iPod, MacOS, Windows XP/7/8, Symbian, Blackberry, Android).
  • CameraSuite: Unites the functionality of the GoPro Control and GoPro Browser apps in one app and brings additional features such as scripting.


> The GoPro camera does not connect to my mobile device / the GoPro apps shows connection errors!

Check the following points:

  • The GoPro Hero Camera is updated to the latest firmware (download updates here).
  • Enable Wifi, both on the GoPro Hero camera, and on the mobile device.
  • Enable App mode on the GoPro camera (in the Wifi settings).
  • On some iPhone/iPads it is necessary to switch off the mobile data network connection (leaving only the Wifi connection on).
  • Hero 4 cameras have to be paired once.

> The GoPro Browser app says that it cannot connect!

The GoPro Browser app requires "Video preview" to be turned on on the GoPro Hero camera. Please exit GoPro Browser, open the GoPro app and enable the "Live Preview". Then exit the GoPro app without turning off the live preview. Now GoPro Browser should find your camera.

> How can I view my videos and photos over Wifi/WLAN?

Our app "GoPro Browser" can stream and download videos and photos directly from a GoPro Hero camera, allowing you to check your recordings on a mobile device.