Remote Control app for Xiaomi Yi

The remote control app for Xiaomi Yi cameras allows you to control the Xiaomi Yi cameras over Wifi. It supports changing of settings, capturing, live preview (also VLC streaming), and media download.

Features include:

  • Control Xiaomi Yi cameras over Wifi.
  • Change settings such as capturing mode, resolution, metering, ...
  • Capture photos, time-lapse (interval), burst, self-timer, and videos.
  • Download photos and videos from the camera over Wifi.
  • Live preview and support for VLC player streaming.


Platform Download/Purchase
Apple iPhone and iPad: iOS Apple Store
Android: Google Play Android Market
Windows Phone 8.1 and newer: Microsoft Marketplace
Microsoft Windows 7 and newer: Microsoft Windows XP and later
MacOS 10.9 and newer: Microsoft Windows XP and later or Purchase & Download info


How to use the app

  • Turn on the Xiaomi Yi camera.
  • Connect the Xiaomi Yi camera with your device over Wifi (the default Wifi password is "1234567890").
  • You can now use the app.