Theta GPS for Ricoh Theta m15

The GPS Control for Ricoh Theta cameras app allows you to start and stop recording when a given location is reached. Just define a set of POIs (points of interest), such as the start point of a single track or tourist attractions. The Theta camera will then automatically start capturing when entering these regions.

Features include:

  • Start/stop recording when entering or leaving a POI (geo fence).
  • Standard, hybrid, and satellite maps.
  • Option to show notifications.
  • Search for addresses (using Openstreetmap address service).
  • Compatible with Ricoh Theta and Theta m15 only. The app is not compatible with the Theta S.

Download (Theta and Theta m15)

Platform Download/Purchase
Android: Google Play Android Market


Usage hints and notes

  • Long press the map to add a new POI on the finger location.
  • Long tap the location pin to move the marker.
  • The Ricoh Theta camera has to be connected with your mobile device over Wifi all the time.

YouTube demo videos