Long Exposure Camera

Use Exposure Camera to capture your own light paintings and simulate long exposed pictures by combining multiple pictures into one final photo.

Features include (some features are platform dependent):

  • Full HD support (Nokia 808, Lumia 1020).
  • Trigger with headset buttons.
  • Various effects, e.g. lighten, add, darken, average (to reduce noise),...
  • Flash support (only LED flash).
  • Selection of pictures to be included.
  • Zoom and autofocus support.


Platform Download/Purchase
Android: Google Play Android Market
Windows Phone 8: Nokia/Ovi Store
Nokia Meego (N9, N950): Purchase & Download info
Nokia Symbian^3/Anna/Belle (Live version): Purchase & Download info
Nokia Symbian^3/Anna/Belle (Version 2.0): Purchase & Download info