Camera Controller

Camera Controller macOS

The Camera Controller application controls action cameras like GoPro Hero, Xiaomi Yi, and Ricoh Theta cameras. It also provides a powerful scripting interface for custom scenarios.

Features include (some features are platform dependent):

  • Supported models: GoPro Hero 2 (Wifi backpack), Hero 3, Hero 4/Session, Hero 5/Session, Hero 6, Hero 7, Fusion (360°), Hero+, HERO (2018), Hero 8****, GoPro Max (360°)****, Xiaomi Yi/Yi 4k/Yi4K+, Ricoh Theta S/SC/V.
  • Connect to Wifi networks directly from the app*.
  • Media browser for downloading photos and videos from the camera.
  • Script executor: execute scripts at specific weekdays, intervals, time ranges, time-lapse, etc.
  • Manage multiple-cameras**.
  • Live preview (model dependent).
  • Script editor with JavaScript-based language (desktop).
  • Script executor for time-lapse and other scenarios***.
  • Quick access mode for once-click commands (mobile versions only)***.
  • Port scanner (for finding cameras connected in Wifi client mode).
  • HTTP command server: control cameras over HTTP commands (for instance using HTML/JavaScript/Ajax websites).
  • No hidden cloud uploads or account registration.

* Android, iOS 11+, Windows Store/Windows Phone, Windows (desktop), macOS (non-store version).
** "Manage" means that you can add multiple cameras. If you want to connect multiple cameras at the same time then the cameras have to support client Wifi mode. At the moment this is possible with the Ricoh Theta V, and the Xiaomi Yi/4k/4k+ cameras (manual hacks are necessary for the Yi cameras!).
*** Not available in Windows Store/Windows Phone.
**** GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max cameras need a special tool for enabling the WiFi adapter which can be downloaded here.

YouTube demo videos


Platform Download/Purchase
Apple iPhone and iPad (IAP): iOS Apple Store
Apple iPhone and iPad (Full): iOS Apple Store
Android (IAP): Google Play Android Market
Android (Full): Google Play Android Market
Windows 10 UWP (Windows 10, Windows Phone 10): Coming soon.
Microsoft Windows 7/10*, macOS 10.9*, Raspberry Pi 2*: Microsoft Windows 7 and later Apple macOS/OS X 10.9 later Raspberry Pi 2 and newer
MacOS 10.9 and newer (App Store): Mac App Apple Store
Microsoft Windows 7/10*, macOS 10.9* DEMO VERSION: Microsoft Windows 7 and later Apple macOS/OS X 10.9 later
* Windows 7 and newer, macOS 10.9 or newer, Raspberry Pi 2 or newer (with Raspbian Stretch). The license is valid for all three platforms.