Audio Speed Converter

The Audio Speed Converter app allows you to change the speed (tempo) and pitch of music independently.


  • Convert speed (tempo) and pitch of music independently.
  • Load mp3, wav, m4a (AAC), FLAC, and many other file formats.
  • Supports 24 bit high quality audio (for instance FLAC) input and output.
  • Support for multi-channel (more than two stereo channels) audio.
  • Export converted music to mp3, m4a, FLAC, wav, or the input source format.

Example use-cases for the app (but no limited to):

  • Language learning.
  • Instrument learning (e.g. guitar or piano).
  • Transposing of songs to specific pitch.


Platform Download/Purchase
Apple iPhone and iPad: iOS Apple Store
Android: Google Play Android Market
Microsoft Windows 10 and newer (64 Bit): Microsoft Windows 10 and later
MacOS 10.13 and newer: Apple macOS 10.13 and later