432hz Music Converter

The 432hz Music Converter changes the frequency, pitch, and tempo of audio to a target frequency, such as 432 Hertz. Arbitrary input and output frequencies are supported.

Features include:

  • Convert music between different frequencies (for instance 440 to 432 Hz).
  • Support for many input formats (including the audio stream of videos).
  • Change tempo and pitch independently (e.g. for music training).
  • Convert batches of files to m4a, mp3, and flac.
  • Easy to use: drag file(s) into app and click "Convert".
In detail, the 432hz converter application changes the pitch of the music. The Hertz measure is always with respect to the standard A. For instance, if a song is recorded with 440 Hz (A) but you want to play along the song with an instrument tuned with A to 400Hz then you can use the app to convert the pitch to A 400Hz.


Platform Download/Purchase
Microsoft Windows XP and newer: Microsoft Windows XP and later
MacOS 10.8 and newer: Apple Store or Purchase & Download info