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A list with download links to all our Nokia Symbian applications which are available outside of Nokia Store can be found here.

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Audio Speed Changer Audio Speed Changer allows you to independently change pitch and tempo (speed) of audio (e.g. for music training, language learning, ...).
Camera Suite for GoPro Hero Camera Suite allows you to control GoPro Hero 2, 3, 3+, and 4 cameras over Wifi from various devices. It supports live preview, media browsing, scripting, and a live streaming server (for instance to use with VLC player).
Vectorial Map Vectorial Map is a platform independet map viewer for the popular Mapsforge maps format.
CameraPro CameraPro offers fast and powerful access to cameras built into modern mobile devices.
Music Speed Changer Music Speed Changes is the ideal instrument practicing tool which changes audio pitch and speed (tempo) independently.
Panorama Assistant Panorama Assistant helps you to create great high resolution photo panoramas. Sensors such as gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer are used to perfectly align each shot.
Audio Recorder Pro AudioRecorder Pro turns your smartphone into a high quality audio recording machine, supporting uncompressed, high quality audio. The resulting audio is ideal for further professional processing.
GoPro Controller GoPro Control allows you to access your GoPro Hero 2 and 3 camera directly from a mobile device for instance to change settings, or start video recording.
GoPro Photo and Video Browser GoPro Browser allows you to browse and download videos and photos over Wifi directly from a GoPro Hero 2 (with Wifi BacPac) and Hero 3 White/Silver/Black Edition camera on your mobile device.
CameraFX Live Effects CameraFX offers a lot of live image processing effects including old film effects, distortions, tilt-shift, filters, and many more.
PhotoFX PhotoFX offers a big set of image processing effects for your photos.
Pixelate Photo Privacy Photo Pixelizer covers sensitive and unwanted areas in photos. This can be for instance useful before posting photo on social networks.
Watermark Photo Watermark Photo adds different type of stamps to photos including signatures, images, symbols, text, and QR codes.
ExifEditor Exif Editor views and edits photo EXIF data directly on your mobile device.
FastMotion Timelapse Recorder FastMotion creates time-lapse videos directly from your mobile device's camera or a set of pictures.
HDR Pro Camera HDR Pro Camera creates well-exposed images from a set of differently exposed source photos.
Burst Camera Burst Camera captures up to 30 photos per second in full HD. Never miss a moment again!
PicUpR Photo Uploader PicUpR uploads batches of pictures to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Twitter.
PhoneTorch LED Flashlight PhoneTorch is the ultimate app turning your mobile device into a real flashlight. It is available for almost every mobile platform.
Exposure Camera Use Exposure Camera to capture your own light paintings and simulate long exposed pictures by combining multiple pictures into one final photo.
PhotoStamper Use PhotoStamper to mark your photos with date, time, filename, and other text stamps.
Focus Camera Focus Camera creates well-focused images from a set of images with varying focus distances.
Lens Corrector Lens Corrector corrects/removes radial distortions (barrel distortions) which occur with wide angle lenses, such as used in GoPro Hero cameras, and fish eye lenses. Lens distortions are especially visible on aerial photography where straight lines, such as the horizon, show significant curvature.
Pano Calculator Panorama Calculator calculates horizontal and vertical rotations for phtoo panoramas (e.g. ideal for Gigapixel panoramas).


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