Writer Touch is a full-featured texteditor with undo, redo, text formating (alignment, color, background color, size, ...), image import, and zooming. It supports keyboard and handwriting input. Text, mathematical formulas, scores, etc. can be directly written by hand. The final document can be exported as an image and, e.g., sent by email.



Summary of Features

  • Handwriting and Keyboard text input
  • Transparent, floating text input window
  • Floating toolbars for optimal screen space utilization
  • Undo/Redo (adjustable)
  • Automatic handwriting text input
  • Font color, size, thickness, background color, orientation
  • Zooming
  • Open and saving of documents
  • Image import
  • Export as picture (e.g. for emailing)
  • Copy&Paste support (also between different documents)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I copy and paste between documents? First select the text/images you want to copy and do a long tap. A popup menu will open with the options "Copy", "Paste", "Cut". Select "Copy" and create a new document. Here do a long tap again and select "Paste".

Help and Usage Instructions


  1. Move cursor one step left
  2. Move cursor one step right
  3. Zoom in
  4. Zoom out
  5. Save document
  6. Show settings menu (provides access to Settings, "Save as", "Open", "Help", "Export as image")
  7. Show/Hide handwriting input editor
  8. Delete selection or delete character before current cursor position
  9. Insert space
  10. Insert line feed/enter
  11. Toggle toolbar (switches to the next toolbar described below)
  12. Exit WriterTouch

  1. Undo
  2. Redo
  3. Line thickness
  4. Text orientation
  5. New document
  6. Change font or picture size
  7. Font color
  8. Font/paragraph background color
  9. Import image
  10. Toggle toolbar (switches to the next toolbar described above)


The settings view can be reached by clicking on the "Show settings menu" item in the toolbar.

  • Transparent input: If on, then the handwriting input window is transparent. Note, that transparent windows are very slow on some devices.
  • Undo/redo: if on, undo/redo functionality is provided. For optimal resource usage, this function should be deactivated.
  • Number of undos: the number of supported undo/redo operations (must be greater than 1). This value should be as low as possible due to mobile device's resource constraints. If "Undo/redo" is switched off, this value will have no effect.
  • Alphanumeric input: If enabled, keyboard-based textinput is possible.
  • Confirm input: If this value is greater than "0" then handwriting text is automatically added after the given time (in miliseconds). A value of "0" means that this function is deactivated.
  • Image size: When images are imported they have to be resized internally due to very limited resources on mobile devices. The lower this value, the lower the image quality. A value of 200 is recommended.