Timeout Extender

Timeout Extender Often the maximum timeout of 60 or 90 seconds until the mobile phone turns off the backlight or goes into keylock mode is too short. Timeout Extender allows you to extend this timeout period as much as you like.

Important: You have to manually enter the system's default timeout value once as described below.



Help and Usage Instructions

After starting Timeout Extender three options are presented:

  • Extend timeout: extends the system timeout by the given value (in seconds).
  • Autostart: if "on" Timeout Extender will start automatically when the phone is started.
  • Website: selecting this item directs you to this website.

Setting up Timeout Extender: To setup Timeout Extender, you have to know the system's timeout interval, which can usually be set between the range of 5 to 90 seconds. This timeout has to be entered in the first prompt ("System timeout"). In the second promp you have to enter the amount of seconds by which you want to extend the timeout. The total timeout is then "System timeout" + "Extended timeout".

If you close Timeout Extender then the extended timeout will be terminated and the phone will timeout after the default "System timeout" again.

Instructions to get system timeout (varies between devices)

  • Goto your phone's settings
  • Select "Phone" - "Display". Here a slider for a timeout in seconds should be located (depending on your phone it is named "Backlight timeout", "Energy mode", or has a similar name). The slider's value (usually in the range between 5 to 90 seconds) has to be entered in "Timeout Extender".