KeepItOn Icon KeepItOn keeps the display backlight active as long as KeepItOn is running which is e.g. useful while reading a website, navigation or messaging. KeepItOn supports autostart functionality, it can run in background, display light can be on for infinite time, or for a predefined time period, and screen brightness can be controlled. KeepItOn's energy saving options can be setup so that light is only active when the phone is connected to a charger or if battery level is above a certain rate.
Since version 2.0 KeepItOn supports two new modi: timeout extension, and application specific light on. "Timeout extension" extends the system timeout by a given amount of seconds, while the "application mode" keeps the backlight on as long as one or multiple user-defined applications are running.



Summary of Features

  • Turn backlight on for infinite or user-defined time
  • Extend system backlight deactivation/keylock time to more than 60 seconds
  • Change screen brightness/intensity
  • Autostart when phone is turned on
  • Charger mode: light keeps running infinitely when charger is connected
  • Application-based timeout extension

Help and Usage Instructions

KeepItOn Main View

KeepItOn Application Selection

The start view of KeepItOn offers the following operations which are activated when the icon is colored and deactivated if the icon is grey.

  • Keep light on: Keeps the backlight on for an infinite periode of time.
  • Keep light on (for a selected time)
  • Hide: hides KeepItOn in the background.
  • Charger mode: If activated then the backlight stays only on if the phone is connected to a charger.
  • Extended timeout: Extends the systems timeout (usually between 5 to 60 seconds) by a user defined timeout. This function works only properly, if the "System timeout" is set under "Options" - "Settings" to the devices System timeout (which can be found in the phone's preferences).
  • Application mode: If on, then the backlight stays on as long as one of the specified applications is running. A screenshot of the application selection dialog can be found here. Selected applications are marked with an "x".