Heartrate Monitor Live

Heart Rate Monitor Live measures your heart rate with your phone's built-in camera and shows you, based on your maximum heart frequency, in which training zone you are at the moment. The measurement process is very easy: just place your finger above the camera lens and after a few seconds your real heart rate is shown. Heart rates can be logged (e.g. for external analysis). Please note, that although HeartRateMonitor usually measures very accurate rates, it cannot be used as a replacement for a certified medical device!



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Different non-living object have a heart rate! HeartRateMonitor Live is very sensitive and thus generates also heart rate signals for non-living object.
  • The heart rate is incorrect! The heart rate is calculated over a time interval. Sometimes it helps to stop and restart measuring to get exact results. If the flash-mode does not work on your phone, then make sure that enough environmental light (e.g. from a torch, light bulb, or sun) is available.
  • Can I use Heartrate Monitor Live as a medical device? Heartrate Monitor Live is not certified for medical use. Although the measurements are usually quite accurate, they must be threaded with caution.
  • How does Heartrate Monitor live work? Heartrate Monitor Live measures the amount of light that passes your fingertip while blood is pumped through veins. During a heart pulse the amount of light differs compared to the time between pulses. The basic principle is depicted in this patent (pdf).

Help and Usage Instructions

Under "Options" - "Options" the following properties can be set:

  • Flash: If enabled (and supported by your phone), then the camera's LED flash is activated during heart rate analysis
  • Log: If on, then the heart rate measurements are written to a file in "c:\Data\Others".
  • Maximum heart rate: Your maximum heart rate. Different means to calculate your maximum heart rate can be found here.

Press Material

A zip file containing screenshots and high resolution press pictures can be downloaded here.