GroceryList Icon GroceryList is a shopping list application for Symbian S60 mobile phones. Lists can be annotated with pictures, and shared via SMS or Excel friendly CSV files.



Help and Usage Instructions

Click here to view a short tutorial video on how to add lists and items (avi, 2.5 MByte).

GroceryList is a shopping list application for Symbian S60 mobile phones. Lists can be annotated with pictures, and shared via SMS or Excel friendly CSV files. This site presents a short tutorial on how to use GroceryList. In the following the term "click" is synonymous for "Ok/Enter" key or "touch/double touch" on touch devices.

Main View

GroceryList can organize an unlimited number of shopping lists, which are displayed on the main screen. A shopping list entry has a name (Picture: "Shopping List"), a date, a shop, and an amount value which shows the total price of all items in the list. If the amount value is green, then all items are marked as bought.

Add/Edit/Export/Import Shopping Lists

  • To add a new shopping list, either click on "Add List", or select "Options" - "List" - "Add". A new popup will appear where you can enter a name for the new shopping list, and select a shop.
  • To edit the list's name, or shop select "Edit"
  • To duplicate a list, including all shopping items, select "Duplicate"
  • To delete a list, including all shopping items, select "Delete"
  • To mark a list as finished (all items bought), although there are unchecked items in the list, select "Mark as finished". If all items in the list are marked as bought, then "Mark as finished" is automatically applied.
  • If you want to view/edit a shopping list's items, either click on the shopping list, or choose "Options" - "List" - "Select.

The following export options are available:

  • "Send as SMS": the shopping list is sent as an encoded SMS. The receiver has to install GroceryList too, to read the SMS. To import a received encoded SMS, select "Import list from" - "SMS". Encoded SMS can also be automatically imported when GroceryList is started.
  • "Export to CSV file": exports the list to an comma separated value (CSV) file on you phone, which can be easily opened in e.g. Microsoft Excel.
  • "Send as plain SMS": the shopping list is sent as a plain SMS, which can also be read without GroceryList.

Shopping List Items

Each shopping list can have unlimited number of shopping items. Each item has a quantity, a name, and a price. Bought items are marked with a green checkmark.

Within the item's view, the following options are available:

  • To add an item either click on "Add item" in the items list, or goto "Options" - "Add item" or "Add item from category". "Add item" allows you to add an item manually, while "Add item from category" allows you to select an item from a template.
  • To mark an item as bought, click on the item, or goto "Options" - "Mark as bought"
  • To edit an item's name, quantity, price, or comment, select "Options" - "Edit item"
  • To delete an item select "Options" - "Delete item"
  • To assign a picture to an item goto "Options" - "Picture". Items with an attached picture have an eye symbol. Here you can
    • Attach a picture from an image file stored on your phone
    • Take a picture with the phone's camera application and attach this picture
    • View the attached picture
    • Remove the attached picture.

Shopping Categories and Items

Shopping item templates can be organized in categories. A shopping item template is a shopping item which can be easily added to a shopping list. This way, item names do not have to be typed in manually each time. To select a template item, first click on a category, or show all items by clicking on "View all". A list of template items will appear.

To add a template click on "Add template". To edit/delete a template, select the appropriate entry in the "Options" menu. To add entries to the shopping list click on the items to be added (multiple items can be selected). Items to be added are marked with an icon on the right side of the list. After you are ready, select "Add". The selected items will appear in the shopping list.


Settings can be changed from the main view under "Options" - "Settings". The following settings are available:

  • "Import lists on start": if "on", then encoded GroceryList SMS will be imported from the inbox (where SMS are stored) when GroceryList is started.
  • "Query price": if "on", then a price is asks when you enter a new shopping list item.
  • "Query comment": if "on", then a prompt where you can enter a comment is shown for each new shopping list item.
  • "Default: categories": if "on", then the category selection view is shown when "Add item" is selected. Else a prompt where you can manually enter the item to buy is shown.
  • "Query price": if "on", then for a price is asked, everytime you add a new template.