CameraX provides fast and easy access to your Android's (2.1 or higher) phone camera. Almost every feature can be reached with a single tap. Each setting is applied to the preview in real-time.


CameraX can be downloaded here from Android Market.


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CameraX provides fast and easy access to important camera features such as (dependent on phone model's capabilities):

  • Flash
  • Focus
  • ISO
  • Metering
  • Scene Modes
  • Image controls (exposure, brightness, saturation, sharpness, contrast)
  • Color effects
  • Antibanding
  • White balance
  • Zoom
  • Disable shutter sound
  • Picture quality
  • Geo tagging
  • Grids
  • Compass
  • Virtual horizon / level meter

Camera Modes:

  • Normal: standard photo mode
  • Burst shooting: take as many pictures as you want and as fast as possible
  • Bracketing: take up to 5 pictures with different exposures to create HDRs (manually)
  • Anti-Shake: take sharp pictures in every situation even when it is impossible to hold the camera still
  • Self-Timer: picture is taken after a defined time
  • Time-Lapse: record cool time-lapse picture series

 All modes are customizeable (e.g. delays, number of pictures, intervals, etc.)