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CameraPro provides fast and powerful access to your phone's photo and video camera. It is designed especially for Nokia's N8 with its powerful camera but CameraPro also works on many other Symbian devices.

*NEW* CameraPro for Nokia N9 offers full manual control known from DSLR cameras such as manual focus, exposure time, white balance, and ISO (up to ISO 3200).

*NEW* CameraPro for Android is now available in Google Play.


If Nokia Store (former "Ovi") is not available for your operator or in your country, then I am also offering Paypal and mobile phone bill payments. Nokia Store is the recommended payment system because updates are distributed automatically with the Nokia Store client and updates will be first released in Nokia Store.


*The IMEI is a 15 digit number which is required to register your phone. You get the IMEI by typing *#06# in your phone.


Mobile (Phone-Bill) Payment

Please make sure that you enter the correct IMEI as it is required for installation of CameraPro. All information is transmitted over https.


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User Manual

A user manual (improved continuously) is available here (in pdf).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version number?

The latest version available in Ovi store is 2.1.8 for touch devices and 2.1.5 for non-touch devices.

Where can I find a manual for CameraPro?

A manual in pdf format is available here.

Taking pictures with CameraPro seems to be slower than with the built-in camera application!

CameraPro processes images in background, so you can capture more images directly after taking a picture. But CameraPro provides 100% quality (=raw jpeg) by default which results in up to 5 times larger image sizes (like 10 MB instead of 2 MB). Thus sometimes CameraPro can be a little bit slower than the built in camera when taking pictures with 100% quality.

Does CameraPro hack or alter the camera firmware in any way?

No, CameraPro is a stand-alone application which provides the same, or even better, quality and features as some hacks (e.g. HyperX) available but without altering the camera firmware nor the built-in camera app settings.

How can I take pictures in 16:9 format?

When you are in photo mode, please goto "Settings" and change the image size to e.g. "4000x2248".

How can I record videos?

To switch to video mode goto the "Camera Mode" menu item and select "Video mode". Video recording is started with the same buttons as used for image capturing.

The display has short hangs and/or the video framerate varies for 1280x720 video at 30 fps!

The Nokia N8 official maximum recording settings are 1280x720 at 25 fps. With the current firmware 30fps overload the N8's CPU which causes stuttering.

What are recommended settings for the Video Expert Mode?

In general the video expert mode is for experimentation and many setting combinations will not work. A sample setting that works on all Symbian^3 phones is the following:

- Video type: video/H264; profile=42801F
- Frame size: 1280 x 720
- Custom width/height: 0
- Frame rate: 30
- Video bit rate: 3000000
- Audio type: AAC
- Audio bitrate: 48000

The most critical parameter is the frame size. It is recommended to use the default sizes (default sizes are used when custom width/height are set
to "0"!).

Recommended codecs are (audio codec in brackets):

- h264: 42801E, 42801F (AAC)
- mp4: profile 4, 3, 2 (AAC)
- 3gp: video/H263-2000 (AMR)

List of Features

All Phones

Please note that features have little variation due to different hardware used in various phone models. For instance not all phones have a compass sensor.

  • Quick access (one-tap) to all functions
  • Near Continuous Digital Zoom
  • Raw jpeg stream (raw data received from camera)
  • Various flash modes
  • Whitebalance
  • Exposure modes and compensation
  • Image Controls: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness
  • Effects: negative, sepia, black/white, natural, ...
  • Shooting assistance: virtual horizon, compass, sparse- and dense grids
  • Camera modes: anti-shake, time lapse, bracket (for HDR), self-timer, burst shooting
  • Macro modes
  • Manual ISO level
  • Presets (to store and load custom settings)
  • Background processing: pictures are stored in background (allows faster shooting)
  • Video mode with different frame rates (15, 25, 30)
  • Expert video mode to gain full access to video features of phone

Additional Features for Nokia N8

  • 11x Digital Zoom
  • Continous autofocus for photos and videos
  • HD video (full quality and 15,25,30 fps),
  • Video stabilization
  • Expert video mode to gain full access: custom frame sizes (up to HD), video/audio bitrates, video/audio codecs, frame rates (from 1 to 30fps).

Usage Instructions for Non-Touch Devices

CameraPro also supports phones without a touchscreen. The keyboard is used to provide quick access to all functions.

General Usage

The main menu items (Flash, Effect, Exposure Mode, Focus Type, Autofocus Mode, Whitebalance, Image Controls, ISO, Camera Mode, Settings) can be accessed with the numeric keys "0" to "9". To exit CameraPro or close the current popup window, the control keys (red/green, yes/no) are used. Pictures can be captured by pressing the "Ok" button, or the dedicated camera button (not available on all phone models).

 Accessing Settings for Different Camera Modes

The different menu items can be accessed with the "up/down" control keys and accepted with the "Ok" button. To close the popup menu press "Yes/no" (red/green) key. To access the camera mode settings either use "0" key or right navigation key.

Image Controls

Image control values (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Exposure Compensation) can be modified by three means:

  1. Slider: with the left/right navigation keys
  2. Auto value: "2" key
  3. Manual entering of a value: "0" key

Access Virtual Horizon, Compass, Grids

Different grids, virtual horizon, and compass can be selected with the numeric keys "0", "1", "2", and "3" in the "Settings" popup.

Press Material

A zip file containing screenshots and high resolution press pictures can be downloaded here.


Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Policy

CameraPro provides functions to upload files (photos) directly to the following webservices:

  • Facebook
  • FlickR
  • Picasa
  • TwitPic/Twitter

The services are integrated into CameraPro in such a way that CameraPro "sees" and stores only anonymized user data in the shape of tokens which are generated by the webservices. CameraPro neither "sees" nor stores private user data such as the user's username or password used for login.

CameraPro's only purpose is to create photo albums and upload photos to webservices. CameraPro does not alter or delete any data on the webservice. CameraPro does not download or post any other information than specified by the user.

CameraPro uses HTTPS protocol which uses encryption for data transmission.