Camera+ is a CameraPro clone entirely written in Qt. Camera+ offers an intuitive and customizeable userinterface for fast capturing of photos and videos. 



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Camera+ does not works / seems to be buggy!

Camera+ is based on Nokia Qt Mobility. Sometimes there are problems with Qt on mobile devices. Please install the following sis files manually if you encounter problems: DOWNLOAD.

What is the difference between CameraPro and Camera+?

The following table lists the differences between the two applications (features can vary between different phone models):

CameraPro Camera+
  • Control autofocus light (on/off/auto)
  • Set CameraPro as default camera application
  • Video expert mode
  • Automatic options for exposure mode and white balance
  • 100% jpeg quality mode (very unstable, up to 12 MB)
  • Different themes and languages included
  • Customizable user interface
  • Fast access to presets
  • Very high jpeg quality mode (up to 5 MB)
  • Very fast picture preview
  • Improved bracketing mode (e.g. for HDR pictures)
  • Ready for new camera firmware features
  • Use our free tool "HWKey" to set Camera+ as default camera app on Symbian



Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Policy

Camera+ provides functions to upload files (photos) directly to the following webservices:

  • Facebook
  • FlickR
  • Picasa
  • TwitPic/Twitter

The services are integrated into Camera+ in such a way that Camera+ "sees" and stores only anonymized user data in the shape of tokens which are generated by the webservices. Camera+ neither "sees" nor stores private user data such as the user's username or password used for login.

Camera+'s only purpose is to create photo albums and upload photos to webservices. Camera+ does not alter or delete any data on the webservice. Camera+ does not download or post any other information than specified by the user.

Camera+ uses HTTPS protocol which uses encryption for data transmission.