Upload photos directly from your phone's camera to Twitter and Facebook. Features include (device dependent) flash, autofocus, macro, unlimited number of accounts, and secure token-based authentication.



Cam2Go is available for Blackberry and Symbian:

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Policy

Cam2Go provides functions to upload files (photos) directly to one of the following webservices:

  • Facebook
  • TwitPic/Twitter

The services are integrated into Cam2Go in such a way that Cam2Go "sees" and stores only anonymized user data in the shape of tokens which are generated by the webservices. Cam2Go neither "sees" nor stores private user data such as the user's username or password used for login.

Cam2Go's only purpose is to create photo albums and upload photos to webservices. Cam2Go does not alter or delete any data on the webservice. Cam2Go does not download or post any other information than specified by the user.

Cam2Go uses HTTPS protocol which uses encryption for data transmission.