BikeBellWith BikeBell you can use your phone like a real bike bell, just with one click (even when the keylock is enabled!). The bell can be activated quickly by using different keys which can be arbitrarily assigned by the user. The four included sounds (bike bell, dog, car horn, shot gun) can be extended with your own sounds (*.wav and *.mp3 are supported). Different sounds can be assigned to different keys, so you can use multiple sounds at once. Others uses of BikeBell might be during running (e.g. when out of breath), hicking, and all situations where you need to play a sound very quick.

A short YouTube demo video can be viewed here.



Summary of Features

  • "Unlimited" number of sounds can be added (included: classic bike bell, dog, shot gun, car horn/hump)
  • Sounds can be assigned to different keys, like camera, yes/no, menu, etc.
  • Most keys also work when the keylock is enabled. So you need just one click to ring the bell
  • Various settings, like volume, or automatic sound repetition

Help and Usage Instructions 

BikeBell Settings View

BikeBell Main View

 Add a sound/bell

  • In the main view either click on "Add sound" or goto "Options" - "Add sound". The settings view will pop up (screenshot on the left side).
  • Under "Sound name" you can give the the sound an arbitrary name, like "Bike Bell"
  • When "Sound file" is clicked, a new dialog opens. Here you can select a sound file which should be used. All sound files which are stored under "c:\Data\Sounds\BikeBell" or on other drives under "<drive letter>:\Sounds\BikeBell" with the extension ".wav" or ".mp3" are listed. To preview a file select "Options" - "Play" which will open the system's media player.
  • "Volume": the volume for the selected sound file
  • "Repeat sound": if on, then the sound will be repeated 1000 times (can be stopped by playing another sound, or exiting the application)
  • "Shortcut key": when the key is pressed, then the sound is played
  • "Shortcut key modifier": the sound is only played, if the modifier key (Shift, Ctrl, or Fn) is pressed together with the shortcut key.

Edit a sound/bell

  • Select "Options" - "Edit bell" which will pop-up the settings dialog.

Remove a sound/bell

  • Select "Options" - "Remove bell". Note: only the entry in BikeBell is removed. The original sound file is not deleted from storage.

Global Settings

  • Under "Options" - "Global Settings" you can disable the "Ignore keylock" option. If "Ignore keylock" is turned off, then sounds will not be played when the keyboard is locked.