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   * [[script-hdr-gopro-fusion-night|GoPro Fusion Night Mode HDR]]   * [[script-hdr-gopro-fusion-night|GoPro Fusion Night Mode HDR]]
   * [[script-hdr-ricoh-theta|HDR capturing with Ricoh Theta cameras]]   * [[script-hdr-ricoh-theta|HDR capturing with Ricoh Theta cameras]]
 +  * [[script-hdr-ricoh-theta-v-extreme|Ricoh Theta V: 60 pictures HDR]]
   * [[script-hdr-xiaomi-yi4k|HDR capturing with Xiaomi Yi cameras]]   * [[script-hdr-xiaomi-yi4k|HDR capturing with Xiaomi Yi cameras]]
   * [[script-photobooth|Photo booth example]]   * [[script-photobooth|Photo booth example]]
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