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Camera model notes

As a general rule of thumb: the camera should be updated to the latest firmware for best functionality of the Camera Controller app.

GoPro Hero 2

  • Changing of settings and recording are officially supported. Live preview works but is not officially supported.

GoPro Hero 3

  • Only GoPro Hero 3 White/Silver/Black Editions are supported. GoPro Hero 3+ models are not supported.

GoPro Hero 4, 5, 6, Session

  • All Hero 4, Session, 5, 5 Session, and 6 cameras are supported. On Hero 4 models live preview works only in idle mode (not recording).

Theta S

  • Live preview works only in photo mode and not during recording (this is a camera restriction).

Theta V

  • The Theta V supports Wifi client mode too.

Xiaomi Yi

Xiaomi Yi 4k/4k+

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