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Sharing markers

The sharing function allows you to export song's annotations (markers, images, subtitles, text, …) and share them. This is for instance useful for sharing between music teachers and students. The APS Player's sharing file extension is .aps.


The export function can be found in the list of songs:

  • Song parameters: Includes song parameters (title, artist, text, A/B marker position, etc.).
  • Markers: Include markers.
  • Subtitles: Include subtitles.
  • Images: Include images and keyframes.
  • Binary data: Include the original binary media (audio and video) data. This option should only be activated for small files.


There are two means for importing previously exported data. If you want to import a file containing binary (audio data) then the normal song import method has to be used.

If you just want to import annotations to an existing file then proceed as follows:

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