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 ===== Apple iOS ===== ===== Apple iOS =====
-The following videos show how alternative means how to import files in Apple iOS:+The following videos show alternative means how to import files in Apple iOS:
   * [[https://​​mQHgPDA-vFo|iTunes file sharing]]   * [[https://​​mQHgPDA-vFo|iTunes file sharing]]
   * [[https://​​5A9fVkHu3Rs|iOS "Open in" (DropBox, etc.)]]   * [[https://​​5A9fVkHu3Rs|iOS "Open in" (DropBox, etc.)]]
   * [[https://​​-7FxwW1YGZ4|Wifi upload]]   * [[https://​​-7FxwW1YGZ4|Wifi upload]]
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