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The global app settings offer means to change the maker size, set buffer times, etc.

Playlist mode

  • Front to back: Plays the playlist from the first to the last song.
  • Shuffle: Randomly picks a song from the current playlist for playback.


  • Tablet mode (mobile only): In tablet mode the playlist is always visible on the right side of the screen if the screen's width is greater than the height (“landscape mode”) and the width is at least 700 pixels.
  • Keep screen on (mobile only): Keeps the screen on while the app runs.
  • Marker size: The size of the markers in the wave view.
  • Monospace font: Text in the subtitles and text view is shown with a monospace font.
  • Auto hide left/right toolbars: Automatically hide the left/right toolbars after 5 seconds.
  • Number of parallel batch jobs: The number of files processed parallel by the batch converter. This number should be smaller than the number of CPU cores (a good value is 2).
  • Video buffer: The buffer used for video frame buffering in milliseconds.
  • Audio buffer: The buffer used for audio buffering in milliseconds.

Note: If audio or video playback randomly stops or produces noise then try to increase the audio buffer size.

Text view

  • Text alginment: .
  • Font and background color: .
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