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Wifi scripting functions (since 1.0.1)

The Wifi scripting functions can be used to list Wifi networks and to switch between Wifi networks. This is useful for controlling multiple cameras which do not natively have a multi-camera mode, such as GoPro cameras for instance.

The following YouTube video shows how the automatic Wifi switching works:

Note: Wifi functions are only available on the following desktop platforms: Microsoft Windows 7 and newer, Apple OS X (not with the App Store version!), Linux.

On mobile platforms only Android is supported.


The reliability of the network switching feature depends on the camera model and Wifi driver. Some cameras, as well as Wifi drivers, crash when the Wifi is (dis-)connected “too” often.

The following list gives some hints to improve switching:

  • Disable as many unused Wifi networks as possible during Wifi switching (for instance Wifi access points).
  • Disable automatic Wifi connection for all unused Wifi networks.
  • GoPro Hero 4 cameras worked fairly well in our tests, while Hero 3 cameras tend to crash very often.
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