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 +====== WaitUntilDate ======
 +The ''​WaitUntilDate''​ function waits (blocks) until the given date is reached. The function returns ''​false''​ if no arguments are passed. The format of the time string is '​yyyy-mm-dd'​ where '​yyyy'​ is the year, '​mm'​ the month, and '​dd'​ the day of the month. ​
 +==== Syntax ====
 +bool: WaitUntilDate(string dateString='​yyyy-mm-dd'​)
 +==== Examples ====
 +var result = WaitUntilDate();​
 +// result: false
 +var result = WaitUntilDate('​2016-12-21'​);​
 +// waits until 21st December 2016
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