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The SetCameraFunction function calls a standard camera function.


  • functionName: The function name (possible function names see below).
  • cameraName: The camera name of the camera on which the function should be executed. If left empty, then the first connected camera is taken.
  • waitUntilFinished: If true then the function blocks until the camera returns the function result. If false, then the function immediately returns.

Function names

  • connectToCamera: Connects the app to the camera. Note: the camera must be connected with the device over Wifi before calling this function.
  • disconnectFromCamera: Disconnects the app from the camera.
  • startRecording: Starts recording.
  • stopRecording: Stops recording.
  • toggleRecording: Toggles recording.
  • powerCameraOn: Powers the camera on.
  • powerCameraOff: Turns the camera off.
  • toggleCameraPower: Toggles the camera power.
  • turnPreviewOn: Turns the preview on.
  • turnPreviewOff: Turns the preview off.
  • startPreviewDecoding: Starts preview decoding.
  • stopPreviewDecoding: Stops preview decoding.
  • togglePreviewDecoding: Toggles preview decoding.
  • tagMoment: Tags the moment.
  • cancelMediaDownloads: Cancels all media downloads.
  • startCameraStatusUpdates: Starts camera updates.
  • stopCameraStatusUpdates: Stops camera updates.
  • requestSingleCameraStatusUpdate: Requests a single camera status update.


bool: SetCameraFunction(string functionName[, string cameraName=\"\", bool waitUntilFinished=true])


var result = SetCameraFunction();
// result: false

var result = SetCameraFunction('connectToCamera');
// result: false

var result = SetCameraFunction('disconnectFromCamera');
// result: true. Disconnects from the first connected camera in the list.

var result = SetCameraFunction('connectToCamera', 'GoPro Hero 4');
// waits until the camera is connected and returns true on success

var result = SetCameraFunction('connectToCamera', 'GoPro Hero 4', false);
// starts connecting to the camera and immediately returns without 
// waiting for the camera to finish connecting.
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