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ListWifiNetworks (since 1.0.1)

The ListWifiNetworks function returns a list of Wifi network names. On Windows and Linux the names are the Wifi network profile names. On all other platforms the SSIDs are returned.

Note: Please read the platform restrictions described here first.


  • networkInterface: The network interface which is used to scan for networks. A common interface name is “wlan0”. At the moment this parameter is ignored on all platforms.


array: ListWifiNetworks([string networkInterface = ""])


var result = ListWifiNetworks();
// returns a list with Wifi networks.
// False is returned if the command failed, for instance if the network interface is
// down or if no network interface is given but one is required by the platform.

var result = ListWifiNetworks("wlan0");
// returns a list of Wifi networks for the "wlan0" interface on platforms which support this.
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