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 +====== GoPro Hero+ ======
 +The app is fully compatible with GoPro Hero+ cameras. Make sure to update to the [[https://​​update/​heroplus|latest firmware]] to leverage full functionaliy.
 +===== Info =====
 +  * The default Wifi password of the camera is "​**goprohero**"​. The following video shows how to change the password in case you forgot it: [[https://​​watch?​v=Y54CrTQsIuM|YouTube video]].
 +  * The camera has to be paired once for each device. Pairing functionality is supplied by the Action Camera Toolbox app.
 +===== Special features =====
 +  * -
 +===== Limitations =====
 +  * The live preview needs a few seconds to start on most platforms.
 +  * The live preview is sometimes buggy on Windows platforms.
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