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 +====== GetPossibleCameraStatesForType ======
 +The ''​GetPossibleCameraStatesForType''​ function returns a list of possible camera states for a given [[getcamerastatetypes|camera state type]] for the given camera. If no camera name is given, then the first connected camera is taken. Examples for camera states are "​connecting",​ "​connected",​ "​charging",​ etc.
 +==== Syntax ====
 +array: GetPossibleCameraStatesForType(string cameraStateName[,​ string cameraName=""​])
 +==== Examples ====
 +var result = GetPossibleCameraStatesForType("​ConnectionState"​);​
 +// returns a list of possible connection states for the first connected
 +// camera.
 +// Returns false if no camera is connected, or if the given camera state name
 +// is invalid.
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