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The GetMediaList function returns a list of media items for the given camera. If forceReload is true then the media list is loaded from the camera, else a possible locally cached media list is returned. If no local cached media list is available then the list is loaded from the camera.

Media list item

A media list item has the following fields:

  • mediakey: A unique key identifying the media item. This key must be used for all media related operations.
  • filename: The filename of the media item.
  • filesize: The file size of the media item in bytes.
  • datecreated: The creation date of the media item with the format “yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss”.


array: GetMediaList(string cameraName[, bool forceReload=true])


var result = GetMediaList("GoPro Hero 4");
// returns a list with all media items.
// False is returned if the given camera is not connected
// or if loading of the media list fails.

Accessing a media item:

var result = GetMediaList("GoPro Hero 4");
if (result.length > 0)
  LogText("Media item size: " + result[0].filesize);
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