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The GetCameraPropertyList function returns a list of all possible camera properties. A camera property is read-only. Examples for properties are:

  • BatteryLevel: The battery level in percent.
  • RecordingTime: The recording time (video mode) in seconds.
  • RemainingRecordingTime: The remaining recording time for video.
  • RemainingPictures: The number of remaining pictures.
  • NumberPicturesCaptured: The total number of pictures captured.

Note: At the moment the function ignores the camera name parameter and returns all properties even if the selected camera does not support the property. For instance some cameras do not provide the NumberPicturesCaptured property but GetCameraPropertyList still returns it as a possible value.


array: GetCameraPropertyList([string cameraName = ""])


var result = GetCameraPropertyList();
// returns an array with all possible properties.
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