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The DownloadMediaItem function downloads a media item with the given media key from the camera.


  • mediakey: The unique media item key of the item to be downloaded.
  • cameraName: The camera name of the camera on which the function should be executed. If left empty, then the first connected camera is taken.
  • waitUntilFinished: If true then the function blocks until the camera returns the function result. If false, then the function immediately returns.
  • targetFilename: If set then the media item is saved to the target filename. If the target filename exists then it will be overwritten. If the target filename field is left empty then a new filename is automatically generated. On some systems such as Apple iOS, Windows RT, and OS X (App Store version only) this field is ignored due to system security restrictions. On Android the path must point to a writable location (e.g. SD cards on unrooted devices will NOT work). On mobile systems the downloaded media item is automatically added to the system gallery.


bool: DownloadMediaItem(int mediakey [, string cameraName = "", bool waitUntilFinished = false, string targetFilename = ""])


var result = DownloadMediaItem(1002323, "GoPro Hero 4", false, "c:/myimages/sample.jpg");
// downloads the media item with the key 1002323 from the camera and saves the result to
// "c:/myimages/sample.jpg".
// False is returned if the download fails, or if the key is invalid.
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