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Action Camera Toolbox command line mode

The desktop version of the Action Camera Toolbox ships with a command line util actcmd (on some platforms This util can be started without a window manager from a command prompt (shell):

// Windows:
cd "directory where the actcmd.exe is located"
actcmd <options>

// OS X:
cd "directory of the Action Camera package"
cd "Action Camera"
./actcmd <options>

// Linux:
cd "directory where the actcmd file is located"
./actcmd <options>

Note for OS X users: The command line util is only available for purchases made through our website. Due to Mac App Store limitations it is NOT available for purchases made in the App Store.

HTTP Server mode

The HTTP server mode can be started as follows (2000 is the server port):

actcmd --port 2000

Script execution

Scripts can be passed as an argument or as a file.

As argument:

actcmd --script 'SetCameraMode("video");'

As file:

actcmd --script-file /full/path/to/script.js

Other paremeters

  • –help: Shows the possible application arguments.
  • –v: Shows the application version information.
  • –l: Prints out debug information when scripts are executed.
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