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Camera activation

The Action Camera Toolbox app ships with a free virtual camera device. You can use this device to play around with the application and with the scripting language. Real camera models have to be purchased and can be activated on a model basis, so that you only pay for what you need.

Mobile platforms

On mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, etc. and on the Mac App Store (OS X/macOS) camera models are activated using an in-app-purchase (IAP) which are charged once.

Desktop platforms

Camera models can be purchased on our website for the desktop platform (Microsoft Windows, OS X/macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.). The activation key is valid for all platforms. If you buy an activation key for instance for the GoPro Hero 4 on Windows, then the key also works for OS X, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Desktop platforms: license file vs. license key

You will receive an automatic license key after purchasing one or multiple camera models on our website. You can either copy and paste this key directly into the Action Camera Toolbox app, or create a file purchasedata.txt in the app directory (e.g. where the executable file is located) containing the license key. The license file option is especially useful if you want to just run the command line version of the Action Camera Toolbox app (for instance on Raspberry Pi).

Note: On OS X the executable is located in “Action Camera”.

Desktop platforms: activating new camera models

If you already have bought a camera model activation key and want to buy one for another model then just use the purchasing page and select the new model. Make sure to use the same PayPal email address for the new purchase which you have used for the first purchase. If you have a new email address then make the purchase with the new email address and contact us.

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